Born in a little town called Bedford, Quebec, I grew up without showing any signs of interest in classical music. It's only at the age of 30 that my passion for creating classical music would come to life.


At 30, wanting to be challenged other than the daily life routines, I decided to purchase my first piano and enrolled myself into classical music lessons at "Le Studio d'Orgues et Pianos de Joliette". This is where it all began. Five months later, after completing preparatory training and first-grade music lessons I was invited to play at the 19th Annual Recital at "Le Musee d'Art de Joliette". I would be playing Beethoven's "Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia" (Moonlight Sonata) and my own sonata called "The Dream". Shortly after, wanting to expand from piano to orchestral composition, I purchased my second piano which came equipped with multiple orchestral instruments.


Shortly after, due to real life circumstances, my leisure time became extremely limited and I had to put my music on hold. You know, children, work etc.. But in 2003, I saw a little window of opportunity open up which gave me enough time to compose at least 10 new pieces inspired by a love story I wrote called "Two Lives' to a Destiny" which is currently being edited in California and should be released by the end of 2019.


Following these 10 new compositions in 2003 the trail went cold again but in 2015, I jumped back on the music wagon and this time I'm holding on tight, no more distractions. It'll be clear sailing 'til death do us part :)


Latest compositions:

The Symphony of Reliquiae - Its World Premiere was held on September 30, 2017, at the St.Lawrence for the Arts Theatre in Toronto.


In the works;

"A Condemn Soul", "Alone Again" and a waltz "A Little Stroll".