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Have you ever fell in love in the 18th century?


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      This is a tale of love and adventure that will take you to an array of places as it courses through the path we all call destiny. It’s an exciting journey as they meet for the first time, fall in love unexpectedly, unprepared and unaware of the quests that lie ahead just so that they can meet – only another time. But is this really their destiny? Set in the early seventeen hundreds, this is the story of two souls who challenge and overcome societal obstacles erected by their different origins, cultures and traditions. But regardless of what is and what is not – there is plenty of harmony, friendship, commitment and true love that feed the sublime stream of dreams and push anyone beyond the limits in ways they could have only imagined. Two people living separate lives will be tested through a sensational maze of encounters in an attempt to have and live the unique possibility of sharing a common goal – “Love.” 
Let the journey begin…

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